Anna: The Magic of Words (Demo version 4, 2024) available now

I had and still have problems with my mental health. This is not an isolated case, it is a general problem for people. I say that without judgment, because every story is different. Not being allowed to talk about it may still be ingrained here and there, but – to put it casually – if you have a broken leg, you seek help and don’t hide away.

The trick is to motivate yourself. I discovered writing for myself in 1996 and over the years I have learned that I am not alone with the turmoil in my head. I started to support and raise awareness about mental health, sometimes through unexpected means.

In 2022 came an idea that still prioritizes art and creation, but thinks around the whole “keep the ball rolling”, “keep going despite setbacks” and “work focused towards set goals” a bit. I started developing a video game with an exciting, dangerous journey and search for Anna at its core. Anna: The Magic of Words has been in development since summer 2022.

I love to get your feedback.



The brand new demo version of Anna: The Magic of Words for the Nintendo Entertainment System® and Famicom ist finally available.

It’s the biggest updated so far. Please see the changelog, check out the gameplay video and download the game for free now.


Changelog | Demo #4 (4.0.0) – available since April 24, 2024

  • Added: Music. Main theme song, Pre-Gameplay Sounds and the first Dungeon song
  • Added: Overworld with Level selection (work in progress)
  • Added: Enemies (bats, frogs, snakes)
  • Added: “Learn to play” mode, after test players feedback
  • Changed: Scroll physics, player hitbox
  • Changed: collectable hears are now dynamic, they maybe appear if you need one
  • Changed: Dungeon Level 1/2 Level structure, Collectables, Enemies, Checkpoints
  • Added: Dungeon Level 2/2 a brand new second level for you to beat
  • Changed: the bloody spikes in the Dungeon are finally gone (they were a placeholder in the game’s development for almost two years and changed their appearance several times), please welcome the OCTUPUS PLANTS that have taken over the world and think about how they are related to the bats 😉
  • Changed: Gameplay timer set to 240 seconds per level
  • Changes: Initial “lives” set to 6/8 when starting the game


The story of the game

The magic of words gave you everything and suddenly took everything from you.

A little sad and disappointed you make your way through a dangerous world. Embark on the difficult journey through the jungle, icy landscapes and dangerous caves. Collect scrolls and combine their words, face your fear and the ticking clock.

But whatever happens, never forget your most important goal: find Anna.

The deeper meaning of the story

The game is more than a typical 1980s platformer. The game itself is just a shell. The shell for a process of self-discovery, healing, motivation and the strong will not to give up. The character embarks on an arduous journey and search for Anna.

Even if you’ve already guessed it, Anna doesn’t have to be human or animal. Anna can just as well be representative of a favourite place, a feeling, family, being at home, feeling good or the satisfaction of a completed task or with yourself, but of course also a single person.

There is no right or wrong answer to the meaning of the game title. You decide. You are also welcome to simply ignore the psychological aspect and concentrate fully on playing this challenging platforming title. Just pay attention to the little hearts and the ticking clock. ;-P

The Green Ribbon

EASTPIXEL supports the Green Ribbon and projects that support people and integration. The author of the video game Anna: The Magic of Words is one of these people himself. A long time ago, he set out on his own quest for happiness and well-being. The project development helps him to focus on his goals. The motivation to keep going despite setbacks should also help other people. And by the way, the author has already found his Anna.

The Green Ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness.

The green ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness.