Anna: The Magic of Words – Demo version August 2023 released

Ten months after the last demo, there is something new to report. Demo version 3 of my upcoming game “ANNA The magic of words” (アンナ 言葉の魔法) is available for download and testing since yesterday.

A lot has happened in the last year, new physics system, new graphic rendering, animated graphic elements, collectible objects, lives, a timer, hearts … if you are interested in something for NES/Famicom: feel free to click here:

Changelog demo #3b (0.3.2) – August 17, 2023

  • Added: Password system for cheatcodes
  • Demo cheatcodes:
    • 4878 -> No hurt (the spikes are not hurt you)
    • 8136 -> Playtime counter is set to 600 seconds (instead of 180)


Changelog demo #3 (0.3.1) – June 28, 2023

  • Changed: Physics and scrolling engine
  • Changed: Player physics (not in demo: slippery surfaces and more)
  • Changed: Rendering process of graphics
  • Changed: Sound aund audio system (note: no audio in demo right now)
  • Changed: new environment elements
  • Added: animated graphics and game objects (f.e. trampolines, hearts, grass)
  • Added: collectable items (scrolls, hearts to add lifes, checkpoint flags)
  • Added: Timer system (seconds count backward while playing)
  • Added: Title screen, Splashscreens, Infoscreens
  • Added: Main navigation to start the game or call extra functions
  • Added (not in demo): Password system to resume the game later
  • Added: (not in demo): Password system for cheatcodes