Cleanup your Twitter (remove “Trends” and resize the content to maximum)

Welcome stranger,

you’ve found this page and with it an easy way to clean your Twitter frontpage on your desktop or laptop computer.

Three simple steps

  1. Go to the website and install the web-browser plugin “Stylebot” for free
  2. Grab my code below (will update it if something on Twitter changes)
  3. Open “Stylebot” by the little icon top right in your web-browser and paste the code, while you have the Twitter website open


The code

Twitter experience modifier 1.0.0
compatible with the most web browsers by using the browser extension Stylebot

[aria-label='Trends'] {display:none;}
[data-testid='primaryColumn'] {
  max-width:100%; /* if you don't like the full-width content just replace the "100%" with "600px" */
[data-testid='primaryColumn'] div {max-width:100%;}
[data-testid='sidebarColumn'] {display:none;}

Spoiler: some more experimental code after the screenshots 😉

That’s it. Below you see some screenshots of the code in action.

Don’t worry: The modification is just visible on your local machine and only as long as you are using the Stylebot plugin. You can remove it anytime


Some screenshots


More code

The following stuff is work in progress, use at your own risk

Experimental stuff - do not use it right now!!
The following lines will change the tweet view to two-column.
If you like it, use the lines, if you don't like it, just remove all the stuff after this comment

[data-testid="cellInnerDiv"] {
position:relative !important;
/*transform:unset !important;*/


[data-testid="cellInnerDiv"]:nth-child(2n) {
/* for later use ;-) */

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