Anna: The Magic of Words @ The Homebrew Games Summer Showcase 2023 (Video inside)

(Text: Matt Hughson) The Homebrew Games Summer Showcase is a celebration of all the games in development for old consoles. For the purpose of this showcase, we define a homebrew game as a videogame being developed for a retro home console that came out before the year 2000, or for a handheld console that came out before 2004. Teams of any any size or budget were welcome.

If you are new to the homebrew scene: “welcome”! You are in for a treat! Use the link above to follow some of the devs making stuff that interests you, and follow along with the development of the next wave of homebrew highlights.

There are so many games, I can’t actually fit them in the description box! So please visit this spreadsheet to find links to every single game shown in this video, sorted by the order the appear in the video.

Special thanks to Larson Kilstrom from Atavist Games who created the Summer Showcase overlays you see in this video! Their amazing looking Game Boy Color game, “The Fallen Crown” is featured in the video and coming to KICKSTARTER soon. Please check out more about them at!



The video: Homebrew Games Summer Showcase 2023 (by Matt Hughson)

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