ANNA (アンナ)

Game in development. Demo download below. | Game release: when it's done.


You are Anna, the main character in a video game who is a prisoner in a video game. Yes, really!
It's a challenging 2D platformer that takes you through dangerous dungeons, through the jungle and up to snowy mountains. Your task is to find lost scrolls, assemble them at the end to free yourself from a curse to get your normal life back.

Demo gameplay

Music and sound demo

Coming soon.

Download the (outdated) demo version

Last update: August 21, 2022

The demo version is a bit outdated, has no collectibles or interactive elements, but hopefully gives a good first impression. The development in the background is going well and the game is getting funnier and crazier day by day. Thank you for your patient.


Install instructions

Download: NES (.nes ROM, Mapper 30), Region-free NTSC/PAL, 512 KB (file is .zipped)

  • Software: You can play it with a software emulator on you PC/Mac: please use FCEUX or Mesen
  • Software: You can play it on RetroPie, Lakka, Recalbox, Batocera and so on ...
  • You also can use hardware flashcards like Krikzz EverDrive N8 (Pro) Fami or nearly all other models


Demo #2 (2.0.1) - August 21, 2022

  • Changed: spike physics and graphic assets
  • Changed: TV animation on first screen
  • Fixed: Bug in jumping while enter Pause screen


Demo #2 (2.0.0) - August 13, 2022

  • New: improved jump and walk physics
  • New: Darker art style, new graphic assets, new checkpoint flag
  • New: much larger level range, new physics, new darker graphics and, above all, more demanding traps
    New: Game element, trampolines
  • Fixed: Bug in Checkpoint system on screen reload


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ANNA (アンナ) is a game by EASTPIXEL.

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