Anna: The Magic of Words

A video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System® and Famicom.


Game in development. Demo download below. | Game release: When it's done.


The magic of words gave you everything and suddenly took everything from you.

A little sad and disappointed you make your way through a dangerous world. Embark on the difficult journey through the jungle, icy landscapes and dangerous caves. Collect scrolls and combine their words, face your fear and the ticking clock.

But whatever happens, never forget your most important goal: find Anna.


The game title

The official name of the game is Anna: The Magic of Words (english) or アンナ: 言葉の魔法 (japanese).

Demo gameplay

 News from August 17, 2023: Cheat codes added to the demo!


Download the demo version

Last update: August 17, 2023

Install instructions

Download: NES (.nes ROM, Mapper 30), Region-free NTSC/PAL, 512 KB (file is .zipped)

  • Software: You can play it with a software emulator on you PC/Mac: please use FCEUX or Mesen
  • Software: You can play it on RetroPie, Lakka, Recalbox, Batocera and so on ...
  • You also can use hardware flashcards like Krikzz EverDrive N8 (Pro) Fami or nearly all other models


Demo #3 (3.0.2) - August 17, 2023

  • Added: Password system for cheatcodes
    Demo cheatcodes:
    4878 -> No hurt (the spikes are not hurt you)
    8136 -> Playtime counter is set to 600 seconds (instead of 180)


Demo #3 (3.0.1) - June 28, 2023

  • Changed: Physics and scrolling engine
  • Changed: Player physics (not in demo: slippery surfaces and more)
  • Changed: Rendering process of graphics
  • Changed: Sound aund audio system (note: no audio in demo right now)
  • Changed: new environment elements
  • Added: animated graphics and game objects (f.e. trampolines, hearts, grass)
  • Added: collectable items (scrolls, hearts to add lifes, checkpoint flags)
  • Added: Timer system (seconds count backward while playing)
  • Added: Title screen, Splashscreens, Infoscreens
  • Added: Main navigation to start the game or call extra functions
  • Added (not in demo): Password system to resume the game later


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Anna: The Magic of Words is a game by EASTPIXEL.

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